How To Get More Customer From Social Media

Now a days world became a digital, everyone busy with their busy life, with their busy job and business. no one have time for their friends or family. But they all have time for searching on mobile, searching on social sites, searching on social media.

Now a days some of social sites get lots of traffic on their sites such as like, facebook, instagram, youtube, linkedin and twitter. For normal user facebook and instagram is the key platform for get a good client base. So here I show you how to get more clients or order while searching on social media. you do not need to put any extra efforts.

step-1 : Create proper profile on Instagram and Facebook

  • Create a strong business profile on social media with your business logo and cover photo.
  • Put content about your business or related business
  • Put proper information about your business, like contact number, professional email id, website and address with city and pin code

step-2 : Search Business or Product related clients

  • You have to search your products on social media platform and find how many user post the same products which you want to sell
  • Check the post which get higher views or like and comments
  • Check their content and hashtag, if you like you can little bit modify and use it for your post

Step-3 : Create proper Poster and Banner for your Post

  • You have to create a poster and banner for your post
  • You don’t have to copy someone’s image
  • Try to use related images for attract clients instead of text
  • Add all the necessary details of your business on that poster / banner

Step-4 : Write Content and Use related Hashtag in the Post

  • First you have to choose area where you want to target people or do business
  • Second you choose an age of people whom you think they buy your products
  • Follow only that kind of people not to all the users
  • Try to communicate by direct message or post a story of quiz, poll and question answer on instagram

Step-5 : Decide Target Area / People

  • create or use modify content in your post
  • Do not copy and paste same content or poster of some one in your post
  • Use proper Hashtag or follow proper hashtag which is related to your business or products
  • Never use or follow unnecessary hashtag which is not related to your business or products

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